This is a professional Blog accounting my newfound passion for History.  We sold the house, the stuff, traded the car, truck, motorcycles for a BIG truck and an RV.  We rent some space at a dear friend’s home so we can come home when we need.  I am a retired Army veteran of eleven years.  I just earned a master’s degree in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University.

Before I started my Army career, I worked as an archaeologist doing cultural resource management.  Now, my service dog Olivia and my wife Pam are accompanying me on adventures in historical exploration.  I volunteer, whenever possible, at museums, write about discoveries and publish their images.  I am a historical interpreter rather than an educator but both will occur often, hopefully.

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Lakewood Heritage Center, Lakewood, Colorado

Institution Management Questions & Answers with the Administrator Betsy Bowers and Caitlin M. Lewis, Curator. The Lakewood Heritage Center is located in the suburban city just west of Denver, Colorado.  Incorporated in 1969, it has reached a point where growth has slowed due to a lack of land for continued expansion.  Lakewood has light business … Continue reading Lakewood Heritage Center, Lakewood, Colorado

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