Cicada Springs RV Park, Killeen, Texas

This is where Pam, Olivia and I have been living for the past few months as Pam finishes her final brick and mortar teaching.  She is going to teach on line now for Central Texas College, in her field of Psychology.  This park is located on the Little Nolan Creek and has a beautiful city park and walking path that extend for approximately 1.5miles.  It has access to a dog park, kid’s play-area, and an intramural baseball complex.  A well-maintained, gated community has large easily accessible pull through spaces and plenty of back in spaces.  There are even some covered spaces, for an extra fee.  The community is mostly working folks that either active duty soldiers on Fort Hood, contractors, or retired military availing themselves of the nearby VA amenities.  Everyone at the staff have been very friendly and helpful.  The neighbors have also been very approachable and we have met some great people.  I guarantee we will be returning here every so often.

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