The RV

The Chaparral

We purchased a 2017 fifth wheel, from Fun Town RV in Waco, Texas.  It is a Chaparral Lite by Coachman and weighs 11,000 lbs. fully loaded.  We have a nice large generator so we may boondock at our property in Eastern California, near Ridgecrest.  It has all LED lighting and the single deep cell battery runs everything we need for at least three days.  My experiments have shown that we will run out of fresh water before the battery runs low.  I wanted the generator so that we might have the luxury of air conditioning and television if we wish or if we camp somewhere that has water but no power.  It was a compromise for what we thought we wanted in all areas except price point.  Economics rule everything.

Picking up the RV at Fun Town

The RV is only 34 feet long and has three slides.  We removed the ‘jackknife’ sofa bed and replaced it with our leather loveseat in order to reduce cargo weight.  Olivia was thrilled to have her high-back loveseat show up so that she may perch atop the back and stare out the panoramic window at the back of the RV.  She spends many hours lurking from on high, hoping to spot any animals and warn us of the ‘impending danger’.  I installed a WeBoost cellular booster for home use and substituted the single direction antenna for an omnidirectional with the heavier duty cable.  We also purchased a Wi Fi Ranger, Sky Pro booster so Pam will not have to deal with a lack of connectivity while she teaches online.

We purchased a 2013 Ram 3500, dual wheel, 6.7-liter turbo diesel, 4×4 with a steel skirt and a gooseneck hitch.  The skirt was added by the original owner and allows for much greater articulation between the truck and the trailer.  The Ram is the Ranch Hand model and originally had the long bed with the crew cab.  An adapter was purchased for the RV in order to pull with the gooseneck.  It is a Reese ‘Goosebox’ containing air-shocks.  They help reduce the impact from the gooseneck type hitch.  It seems to work extremely well, although I suspect that there may be issues with re-sale of the RV with the Goosebox attached.  These are problems for the future.

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