Santa Rosa, New Mexico

The first stopping point for our journey was Santa Rosa, New Mexico because I had stayed there in 2013 and it was gorgeous.

Sunrise In Santa Rosa
Sunrise In Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Campground Office
This is the office and entrance to the campground.

There was more to do than just pass through as I suspect is the case with most places.  We stayed at the Santa Rosa Campground  and the service was great and it is veteran friendly.  They have mostly transient campers so during the day the camp was mostly ours.

Santa Rosa Campground site 33
Our site with hardly any neighbors and a great view

I feel there is a dis-service from us because they have a restaurant and due to Celiac disease we just don’t risk eating at these places.  Olivia and I managed to walk 1.5 miles around the park without retracing our steps. Just watch out for wildlife.

There is a car museum, Route 66 Auto Museum, in Santa Rosa (veterans discount) showcasing some vintage and custom vehicles.

Route 66 Auto Museum
Pam struggling with the dog, her purse, and her phone while I bifurcate my mirrored selfie.

We had a good time wandering through the cars and looking at the memorabilia collected along the walls.  The cars, apparently, are all for sale with turnover keeping their exhibit fresh.  The museum has a cover charge and large gift shop providing the only revenue.

I have decided that there are some questions that I would like to ask at each institution regarding their mission, operation, finance, and outreach so that I may better provide useful information. I just have to settle on what these questions will be and how they should be phrased.

Divers earn certification at a local destination right in the center of town at a place called Blue Hole.  The water is amazingly blue and clear all the way to the bottom, 81’ in depth. Locals and visitors alike may swim and dive in the constant 62 degree water.

Near Santa Rosa is a little village named Puerta de Luna, where there is a supposed Pecos River crossing by the conquistador Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in 1540.  The historical marker states that this crossing spot was ‘supposed’ and lasted for 4 days while they built a bridge.  There is a restored and well maintained Catholic Church built in 1882.

Puerta de Luna Catholic Church

It is a very small, quaint, and a beautiful drive out to the village but there are no amenities and little else to see.

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