Three Museums in Four West Texas Days

Thanksgiving 2017

We accepted the invitation to Henderson, Nevada for Thanksgiving with most of my wife’s family and per out new lifestyle we drove slowly across country in order to appreciate fully the local flavors and to stop and see friends long neglected by military service.

In 2009, after returning from a 15 month combat tour in Mosul, Iraq my close friends and I rode our motorcycles out to California and back from Fort Hood, Texas in late February and early march.  We stayed as far south as possible.  On the return leg, we stayed in Midland, Texas with my companion’s grandparents and went to visit the Petroleum Museum.  It was an amazing place, and like Texas herself, it is expansive both inside and its outside acreage.  This visit drove the decision to begin our turkey day travel plans.

Three museums in four days without leaving Texas. The Petroleum Museum in Midland Texas was an amazing re-discovery. I had visited in 2009 during our 30 days of post combat tour leave and it was amazing back then. It has recently gone through an 18 million dollar renovation and is even more impressive.

When we arrived, I immediately recognized that the institution was no longer I the middle of nowhere.  Midland had grown out to meet it.  After completing a renovation the year before we arrived to see a very hands on and interactive group of exhibits.  It also maintained its massive outside static display of oil derricks and drilling equipment.  It is well worth the drive, especially if you are already passing through the largest state in the lower 48.  You may as well enjoy it.






When we reached El Paso where another old combat crony of mine lives with his children and family, he happily invited us to visit the Museum of Archaeology and its next-door neighbor the Border patrol Museum.  Since my background in archaeology still tickles my unconscious, and I am passionate about museums in general, I was very enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Museum of Archaeology 001
The El Paso Museum of Archaeology was the second of three museums we visited in four days on the way to Thanksgiving

Museum of Archaeology 002


As usual, we had a great time exploring new places and seeing old friends.  We shall continue these adventures, hopefully, spending more time in specific areas in order to become more involved with local institutions.

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